The Helper is now without Help

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My Question today is when did the table turn? Who recreated these roles? What’s going on in our homes?

I have been reading a lot of crap about house chores and I see people typing if the man wants to “help” let him help with house chores it’s not his job, then whose job is it. Who did God create as the helper? God created Adam alone at first because he made him capable of hunting and cooking his own food and taking care of his world. Adam was in the garden,  cooking his food, taking care of himself and his environment. God saw how lonely he was and said it’s not good for man to be alone, let us make him a helper, then came his wife, she was made as his companion. She was created to help but in many homes today the one that is a helper is now the one doing everything and  we’re now begging men to help, in other words play the role of the wife while the woman does everything. She will work, carry babies for nine months, give birth, clean house, cook, take kids to School and bring them back, wash clothes, it’s so bad that some men can’t even wash their clothes they leave it for the woman to do, they now see cooking as a woman’s job. Some women are constantly doing something, no time to rest at all, they’re always tired. Who did this? We are now begging men to help their wives while the wife was made as the helper. Just look around you, the helper is now the one without help. The helper is now looking for help. The man God created alone to handle his world before he decided to give him a helper is the same man we are begging to help do something in his house. Some of them see chores as a territory reserved for women, the ones who manage to do it think they deserve some accolade because of course they have valiantly ventured into a woman’s territory, seriously? Some women will work 6-6 like their husbands and still come home to continue with  chores alone without help from the man. Some men now will choose the areas they want to help and where they will not help. All the men thinking they are helping their wives in their own houses, what do you mean by that, are you the one God created to help or is it you doing what you are supposed to do? who did this? Until we start rethinking the premise of these things a fairer world for both men and women will remain elusive especially in Nigeria where some men see doing chores as emasculation.


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