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Towards the Understanding of Creative Writing.


When we talk about creative writing we simply refer to a person’s ability to executive an artistic endeavour using words. Creative writing involves the use of the imagination to come up with an original art work in embellished language forms.


πŸ‘‰ Having said that, you should know that the greatest weapon and the indispensable tool the creative writer has at his disposal is his/her imagination. Creativity is not possible without the imagination.

The human imagination finds expression through words.


πŸ‘‰So the job of the person who wants to be a creative writer is to start exercising your imagination. Start stretching thoughts and concepts. Start focusing on feelings and soon they would find expression through words.


πŸ‘‰ soon word become words and words become phrases and phrases clauses and clauses paragraphs and paragraphs turn to pages. You must continue with and manipulate these variables until the desired result is arrived at.


Creative Writing is a journey, enjoy every step you take!😍


Lilian Ohanedozi


Creative Writing Coach


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