Your Business is a Diamond in the Rough (successful business tips)

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Your Business is a Diamond in the Rough ๐Ÿ’Ž


โ˜๏ธRead that again and Believe it!


When you set out on this journey of Entrepreneurship you never really know what you would encounter. Some of us have a vision of what we think it would look like but then we find ourselves overwhelmed at the turn of events.


It’s an interesting journey. A mixture of tears and joy, opportunities and disappointments, ups and downs. We feel the vicissitudes of life weighing on our shoulders. When this happens as it would, remember not to quit because your business is a Diamond in the Rough!๐Ÿ’Ž


A diamond upon discovery is usually in its rough state. It goes through a process of cutting and cleaning before it can sparkle like the rare jewel it is. Your business is like that too. Take facebook for instance, Mark Zuckerberg embarked on his project as a 19 year old Havard undergraduate. He had a vision for Facebook. He wanted to create a platform where university and college students can connect through social network.


That was his original idea, little did he know that his little project would grow into a billion dollar company. He once pleaded with his friends to join facebook today there are 2.2 billion people visiting facebook monthly. Businesses are growing everyday on facebook. In 2017 facebook made $39.9 billion in advertising revenue. Today facebook is worth a market value of about $500 billion.

Your Business is a Diamond in the Rough.


What about Twitter. It started as a side project. It was a communication outlet for a few employees, little did they know that they were building a billion dollar business.


Likewise Instagram originally called Burbu. It was a platform for Whiskey lovers to post pictures of what they were doing. When they saw the potential it had, they started a side project, a picture platform for users.


When they launched they got only 25,000 users. Today we have 800 million new users on Instagram every month. They eventually sold to facebook for one billion dollars. Not a bad investment at all.


You see, you can never tell where your business will be in a few years time or the turn it would take but if you quit you would never get there.


So don’t give up, keep pushing, your business is a Diamond in the Rough!๐Ÿ’Ž


๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿพ to your continued business growth and success.








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