The Purpose of a Dialogue

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The purpose of a dialogue


🍎The reason your play or prose is boring is because you think dialogue is used to exchange pleasantries. In real life maybe, but in creative writing, your dialogue should be intentional. Cut out the pleasantries and give your audience some action. The action should tilt towards:


a) developing the story

b) developing the character


The audience want to know about your characters through their actions and words.


🍓 The quality of a good dialogue is one that gives your story a wheel that propels it forward. It’s not redundant except you’re recreating the absurdist theatre. No one is  waiting  for Godot so please move your story forward.


Put words in your characters  mouth to tell us about their psychology. Is your character angry? Is he a cynic? Is he easily manipulated?


Then what else are we looking forward to? How did the dialogue end? Is the story moving towards a climax or what?


These are what a dialogue constitutes. It’s not dry like

A: hello Michelle

B: hi Obama

A: I’m going to the White House

B: me too

A: okay see you there.

They both leave the stage🙄


🍎Aoid creating crap when you can create lasting scenes.


🥂To your continued creativity

I remain your friend and Creative Writing Coach


Lilian Ohanedozi.




Happy New year


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