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Our Democracy is a vindictive lover,

You hail it; they grease your palm

You hate it; they come for you.

Silence is our best friend now.


Our Democracy is a sharp axe,

It falls on heads; it falls on sleeves

Oshiomole is gone; the Sarduana is dethroned

Who else is left to get the axe?


Our Democracy is in love with Bokoharam,

They set us up and murder us at will

The perpetrators are now repentant good boys.

They are going to London to see the Queen!


Our democracy is a thief

It has stolen our votes

And left us hungry,

Littered we are on roads where foods do not grow!


Our democracy is a whore,

It has slept with our men and women

And dumped them to their fate

Reduced them to angry faces who wail, bark and wail nonstop!


Our democracy is a fraud,

One thing it says another it does,

We think we hear change

What is said is chains!


Our democracy is a bad lover,

Comes with empty pledge and promises

Seduces us and takes from us

In return gives back nothing but a dubious narrative of oneness!


Our democracy is a far away beauty,

Its manifesto promises heaven

While on earth

Delivers nothing but worms.


Our democracy is a neglected wife

Left impoverished and unwanted.

In foreign lands

Husbands romance green cards for greener pastures.


Our Democracy is for the ruling party

Who in unison dance to the tune of their own music.

Their children either Princeton or Oxford graduate.

Here, NUC fight tooth and nail for allocation.


Lilian Ohanedozi

#March 2020



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