The Use of Imagery

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The Use of Imagery


To create powerful stories and descriptions you must call to mind the use of imagery.


You must be conscious of this otherwise your story would appear flat and monotonous.


As a creative writer, it’s not enough to tell a story; anyone can tell a story but not everyone can creatively tell a story. This is where you  come in.


Having written your first draft know that in rewriting the story you must start weaving in imagery. Imagery are simply those words or descriptions that create mental pictures. These mental pictures are what would stick in the mind of your reader.


How to create Imagery


You do this through

1) Contrast.


Let me give you an example:


Instead of saying: “she noticed that the leaves have fallen off; the roads are dusty. Harmattan is here again”


Why not say:


“As she walked the path she realised that it was that time again, everywhere was covered in brown and gold. The leaves, the colour of yellow, are littered on the ground. The proud tree once green and luscious now looks old, dry and deserted, shivering in the cold music played by non other than the harmattan!”


Go ahead and create your own images in the comment section.


To your continued creativity


Lilian Ohanedozi


Creative Writing Coach




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