Poem: Nostalgia

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I feel it slowly

Like the dawn of a new day

The transfer of  batton

From one generation to another.


Within the deep recesses of my heart

I feel nostalgic

What happened to us

We only use to play and run


The worries though afar off

Are now drawing closer by the day

Some have already arrived

And are seated heavily

On our cringing eyebrows!


Look there goes Amaka

Who back in the day walked

As though there were springs in her legs

Now she hurries to buy things-

Diaper and baby milk.


What of Chiboy

Oh he is now in China

When can we hang out again?

Remember when we all stayed up late

Now early to bed, early to rise

Business call is duty call.


Time, a fleeting shadow we can’t control

The age of innocence giving way to cares,

For seasons change and night draws near

If only we can truly enjoy each moment

Which passes quicker than a candle light.


May we be found worthy afterall

To handle this batton going forward

That we be not taken unawares

Who only want to live while we are here.






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