How to Identify a Business and one that Soothes You!

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🎈Do You Want to Start a Business but don’t know How to Identify a Niche or Opportunity? If this is you then read this 👇


A lot of people people want to go into business but don’t really know what or how to start. Especially a business start up.


Most times we think the market is full, everywhere is occupied or I want to work online with my brain not hands. Everybody is selling this or that and lots of excuses we see


but the truth is that there is always room for more entrepreneurs. There’s room for anyone who wants to go into business.


🔹 How then do you identify a Business opportunity?


● First look inwards:


Do you have passion for anything that can become a business.  What do you love to do, what  service can you render in exchange for cash?


*Do you love social media, I mean are you always on Facebook or Insta posting, commenting and replying comments, do you have large followers. Can you be an influencer? Or can you advertise for people on your platform and get paid?


*Are you always online. Do you love having an opinion on anything or even everything. Are you bold, do you thrive on controversy? You can be a blogger?


* Do you know how to wash and iron clothes to be spotless. You can run a laundry service


* Do you know how to  experiment with food and come up with tasty meals.  You can open an eatry and be a chef


* Do you know how to massage the body, can you soothe the human bones and ease pains with your hands. You can run a spar. Start from your house


* Do you know how to make people laugh, do you know how to tell jokes. You can be a comedian. Start by recording jokes and selling it to your church members. Don’t underestimate how far one CD can go.


* Do you know local roots and herbs that are effective medicines. Can you be the next Dr Igodo Koko cleanser?


* Are you a programmer, maybe you use to build games when you were little. Can you hon that skill and step up? what App can you build? Can you be the next tiktok or Candy Crush. If you need partners, write or email them and have faith.


* Do you know how to combine materials. Can you look at someone and guess what is missing in their attire. Can you be a Fashionista?


* Are you 5&6 with your oven, are you always baking bread, cake and everything. Can you own a bakery? Don’t mind small beginnings, always have the big picture in mind.


You can answer these questions and don’t be afraid of starting small. Most of the giant businesses we see today started small.


This is the ‘part one’ of this post. Tomorrow we will look at the part two.


● Second- Look Outwards.


Until tomorrow.

🥂 To your continued business success and growth!


Lilian Ohanedozi





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