How to Raise Capital for your Business

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●How to Raise Capital for your Business


🎈Apply for Grants


(from governments, charitable foundations, Individual Philanthropists, Tony Elumelu Foundation etc). Grants are the non refundable money given to individuals/businesses to help fund their small or medium scale enterprises. Search and apply for grants and you may get it.  This administration has really empowered farmers with grants for their business. Also the BoI engages in this from time to time. Google Business grants in Nigeria or wherever you are and start applying for it.


🎈Generate and Sell your Ideas.


We are created with diverse gifts and potentials. The problem people make is being closed minded and limiting themselves in the process. You hear statements like “I studied Engineering so I can’t be anyother thing but an Engineer”. So when the job isn’t coming they become frustrated and bitter. Why not diversify and hon some skills that can fetch you money.


You’re an Engineer but you’re constantly making jokes or music in your mind. Why not write songs and sell it, if you don’t want to perform it?


Some notable musicians are seriously in block zones, they can’t write or don’t have time to write songs anymore. Find a way to get in touch with them. You can send private messages to their I.G handle and tell them you have a hot album for sale. If they are interested they buy it from you. You may be required to sign a non disclosure agreement. Then you raise some capital for your business.


▪you can write and sell songs to musicians or producers

▪Comedy skits to comedians,

▪Manuscript to authors

▪Movie scripts to movie directors/producers,

▪ Design and sell logos to big companies and even small business brands. Remember the story of Osuolale Farouq who recently designed a logo for Innoson motors and how he was compensated handsomely by the chairman of Innoson motors. Be creative and make some money.


🎈Family Inheritance


A family inheritance such as lands or houses can be leased or sold and the proceeds shared amongst the owners to raise capital for business. Some have lands they inherited but are unable to build on it because they’re financially incapable. You can lease, sell the property or mortgage it and raise some money.


🎈Win Awards through competitions.


Mercy Eke has just launched her real Estate company. She won 60 million from Big Brother Naija not to mention other endorsements. You can attend the next big brother or any talent hunt show or any cooking competition or writing competition or rap competition or physics competition or any good competition with monetary value . Learn a lot of skills so you don’t limit yourself in the scheme of things. Enter for competitions, you could win and win big and viola, you have your capital!


I’m rooting for you.


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🥂 To your continued business success and growth!


Lilian Ohanedozi


Business strategist

May 2020


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