No Business Grows Beyond the Capacity of the Entrepreneur

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No Business will Grow Beyond the Capacity of the Entrepreneur

🛑People who ‘blow’ before they grow end up blowing up the money.

♦️Some businesses can manage and weather crisis, while others can’t. They bleed during crisis, while some trudge on and pull through. The difference is in the capacity of the person driving the business.

When people can’t account for how they spent money, especially huge sums of money that they held at one point in their life, it’s a testament to the fact that they lacked or had limited mental growth and capacity; they lacked the “know how” of money/business management. School is great, it’s a way to develop mental capacity but there are key things that only experience can teach you in business. So experience contributes to your growth and capacity.

A lot of new business owners crash along the way because they just want to blow without growth. A lot of people have risen and fallen because the capacity for sustainability is not there.

They make money and lose it or spend it all because they don’t know where to channel extra cash. They don’t know what the next step should be.

😥Without capacity you can’t expand your business nor adequately drive your business to greater heights.

Make sure you go through the process. The process of growth is painful but it’s worth it because it’s your growth that will take and keep you up.

Every business owner should desire growth. With growth both physical and mental comes the capacity to handle more challenges, broaden your horizons and take your business to the next level.

Growth process prepares you to identify and overcome certain pitfalls that have ruined other businesses.

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I’m rooting for you to succeed.

🥂To your continued business success and growth

Lilian Ohanedozi


Business strategist

June 2020


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Lilian Ohanedozi is an author, entrepreneur and start-up business strategist. She resides in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She is the founder of "Global Business Startups with Lilian Ohanedozi" and CEO Lilian's Revolutionary Books.
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