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Is Your Business Still Stuck in One Location🙁?


If your business is still stuck and limited to that little office/shop of yours then now is the time to make changes.

If the only people seeing you and what you do are the people in and around your location then you’re business is endangered😥

The businesses that thrive in  this 21st Century are the businesses that are not stuck in one cubicle or physical location.

You should take your business everywhere, I don’t have to come to your office before I know what you do.

You should have a virtual office, you should have a virtual presence, you should leverage on technology if you must run a successful business.


Let your business be flexible and mobile. People buy and sell goods on Amazon from all over the world. The least you can do is let people see you and your business from all over the world.🤛

If customers are not making orders without necessarily being in your physical location then you have a lot of work to do.

You should be conversant with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Zoom and other technologies that makes it easy to run a virtual business.

🍂Consider these👇:


• Have a website, buisness or personal just be out there;  let what you do be out there  for the world to see!


•Through WhatsApp you can keep in touch with your customers. You can even create a group for customer complaints.


• Keep note of customers details


• You can create a mailing list for customers and keep them updated with what’s new in your business.


• You can run your adverts on Facebook and Instagram to reach more customers. Deals are sealed everyday on Instagram.


•Daily updates on WhatsApp will remind your customers that you’re still there while giving them a peak of what’s happening in your life. Create a feeling of belonging, help them to know you.


You can literally take orders on the road and in your bed.


Get your business out of one location!


🥂To your continued business success and growth


Lilian Ohanedozi


Business strategist


About the Author:

Lilian Ohanedozi is an author, entrepreneur and start-up business strategist. She resides in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She is the founder of "Global Business Startups with Lilian Ohanedozi" and CEO Lilian's Revolutionary Books.
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