The Law of Seed Time and Harvest in Entrepreneurship

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🍀Seed Time and Harvest Shall not Cease

Every Entrepreneur must understand the law of seed time and harvest. There is a time to plant and there is a time to reap the dividends of your seed.

Don’t underestimate your planting season. For most of us, our businesses are still in the planting season it looks like nothing is working, don’t worry, just keep planting. When your root is firm no cheap wind will blow you away. Avoid rushing the harvest, many people are in a hurry to nowhere.


There’s a commensurate reward for every effort we make in life.


The question though is- are you planting?


This is where the problem is. Year in year out most entrepreneurs have no harvest because they didn’t  plant anything. Some reap little because they planted little efforts.


The truth is that you can’t get from your business beyond what you put in it. So you see most people waiting for breakthroughs they’re not prepared for. A lot of us wait for the business boom we have not planted. If you want a bountiful harvest you should learn how to sow bountifully.


Starting from today:


🌶️ Write out different ways to raise funds/get goods for your business and start working towards them


🌶️ Learn and do whatever it takes to serve your customers better


🌶️ Build a team of result driven individuals


🌶️ Take notes of important things that need to be in place once there is cash


🌶️ Take calculated business risks


🌶️ Leave your comfort zones, try a new style of marketing


🌶️ Try collaborations, reach out to partners who have what you need


🌶️ Expand the frontiers of your business.


🌶️ Negotiate with clients to get sponsors


🌶️ Just try and do what you haven’t done, even if you fall dust yourself up and try again!

When it’s due, the time you spent planting will yield you great results.


I’m rooting for you!

🥂To your continued business success and growth


Lilian Ohanedozi


Business strategist

December 2020


About the Author:

Lilian Ohanedozi is an author, entrepreneur and start-up business strategist. She resides in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She is the founder of "Global Business Startups with Lilian Ohanedozi" and CEO Lilian's Revolutionary Books.
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