‘The Weed Won’t Let It Grow’

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🍀 ‘The Weed Won’t Let It Grow’


In the journey of life we have to understand that it is not enough to plant. We have to make room for what we have planted to grow.


We have invested in ourselves, we have paid for classes, we have bought and read books, we have started our business or a new undertaking. That’s good but what next?…

👉Clear the path for your investment to grow.


This might be difficult but it is necessary.


My father in law who newly ventured into agriculture bought and planted some yam seedlings in his farm. After eight months he went to harvest it and was not impressed with his harvest. He was stunned because the yam barely grew. It had suffered from stunted growth, some were even the size of potatoes. Only a few managed to grow, the rest were stunted.


What happened? He asked.


His concerned neighbour answered: “The Weed didn’t let it grow. It sucked all the nutrient meant for the yam. Next time when you plant, always come back to weed your farm from time to time so your crop can grow well before harvest”.

I believe he learnt his lessons. I learnt from that too. There are many things that constitute a weed in our lives that won’t let us grow. Therefore in order to make progress we must do away with them. We must keep tabs of the things that hinder us from achieving our goals and weed them out.


Your job as an entrepreneur is to identify those things. They could be:


🌶️ Procrastination. The year is about to end. What’s that thing you have been wanting to do since the year began? Avoid procrastinating or you’ll never get anything done.

🌶️ Naysayers. Ignore them

🌶️ Toxic people. They’ll never create the atmosphere for you to thrive.

🌶️ Fear of taking risks

🌶️ Fear of saying ‘No’. If you say yes to everything then you’re on your way to a very sad life

🌶️ Fear of losing money. Many get trapped with the little they have because of fear.

🌶️ Not taking decisive action. Indecision is a limitation so don’t be an indecisive person.

I’m rooting for you!


🥂To your continued business success and growth.



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Lilian Ohanedozi is an author, entrepreneur and start-up business strategist. She resides in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. She is the founder of "Global Business Startups with Lilian Ohanedozi" and CEO Lilian's Revolutionary Books.
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