Poem: Nostalgia

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I feel it slowly

Like the dawn of a new day

The transfer of  batton

From one generation to another.


Within the deep recesses of my heart

I feel nostalgic

What happened to us

We only use to play and run


The worries though afar off

Are now drawing closer by the day

Some have already arrived

And are seated heavily

On our cringing eyebrows!


Look there goes Amaka

Who back in the day walked

As though there were springs in her legs

Now she hurries to buy things-

Diaper and baby milk.


What of Chiboy

Oh he is ...

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The Use of Imagery

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Creative Writing


The Use of Imagery


To create powerful stories and descriptions you must call to mind the use of imagery.


You must be conscious of this otherwise your story would appear flat and monotonous.


As a creative writer, it’s not enough to tell a story; anyone can tell a story but not everyone can creatively tell a story. This is where you  come in.


Having written your first draft know that in rewriting the story you must start weaving in imagery. Imagery are simply ...

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Creative Writing

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Our Democracy is a vindictive lover,

You hail it; they grease your palm

You hate it; they come for you.

Silence is our best friend now.


Our Democracy is a sharp axe,

It falls on heads; it falls on sleeves

Oshiomole is gone; the Sarduana is dethroned

Who else is left to get the axe?


Our Democracy is in love with Bokoharam,

They set us up and murder us at will

The perpetrators are now repentant good boys.

They are going to London to see the Queen!


Our democracy is a ...

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Lynda Weinman- Business Success Tips 2020

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Do you know Lynda Susan Weinman? (If no, this is for you)

2020 Is an Action Packed Year But for Who?


🎈 For the individual who is fed up with procrastination.


🎈 For the individual who is tired of hiding.


🎈 For the individual who understands the breakthrough power in “one more try”


🎈for Lilian Ohanedozi. Yes look at me and get use to it because you will be seeing a lot of me.


🎈For the person who is done waiting for the right ...

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The Purpose of a Dialogue

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Where are my writers


Creative Writing Tips


The purpose of a dialogue


🍎The reason your play or prose is boring is because you think dialogue is used to exchange pleasantries. In real life maybe, but in creative writing, your dialogue should be intentional. Cut out the pleasantries and give your audience some action. The action should tilt towards:


a) developing the story

b) developing the character


The audience want to know about your characters through their actions and words.


🍓 The quality of a good dialogue is ...

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Exorbitant Expectations of Marital Rights in Igbo land- Nigeria

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On the issue of late marriage and marital rights in some parts of Nigera

Lilian Ohanedozi

Let’s be honest here:


One should marry when they are ready for it. Having said that, let me also add that


It’s good to marry early and have children you can take care of. There’s no joy in delegating that responsibility to your parents unless they are thrilled to do it. If you are not ready for marriage then hold on.


Still we would not fail to address the ...

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Your Business is a Diamond in the Rough (successful business tips)

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Your Business is a Diamond in the Rough 💎


☝️Read that again and Believe it!


When you set out on this journey of Entrepreneurship you never really know what you would encounter. Some of us have a vision of what we think it would look like but then we find ourselves overwhelmed at the turn of events.


It’s an interesting journey. A mixture of tears and joy, opportunities and disappointments, ups and downs. We feel the vicissitudes of life weighing on our shoulders. ...

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Turn your Passion to your Business

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If Money Wasn’t Involved, Would You Still Do What You’re Doing Now?


We need to take an honest assessment of our jobs and businesses by answering the question above☝️


👉 This explains the reason we are frustrated at our efforts and results.


We prioritise money so much that we miss following our passion; we miss out on a lot of things; a lot of important things.


I know that money is important and you have bills to pay but how you make money is ...

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Business Success Tips: Learn from a Successful Business

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Learn From a Successful Business: the case of Audi versus Mercedes


👉As an entrepreneur you need to learn the ropes from businesses that are already where you are aiming to be.


You don’t have to make all the mistakes or taste all the waters to go up; to learn and to be better sometimes all you need do is engage in intensive study of other businesses and model yours after the successful ones.


Tony Robbins said “the surest way to achieve success is ...

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Literature- Features of a Prose

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Features of a Prose


1) Plot


👉 When we talk about plot we talk about the orderly arrangement of events in a story. This is the step by step processes from which a story is developed.

Aristotle said “plot is the first principle”. So in creating the plot of your story you must keep in mind these five processes:


👉Exposition: this is where your character and his environment (setting) is introduced as well as the conflict

👉 Rising action: here the conflict developes and becomes ...

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