My Book of Moral Stories




“MY BOOK OF MORAL STORIES” is written for students in the primary and junior secondary schools. We no longer live a world where children gather to listen to folk tales from their parents or
elders and to learn moral lessons from them.

This is what compelled the author to write this book.

We live in a time when children love to read therefore, it is necessary to take these moral lessons and infuse them into stories in books children can read and understand in other to learn moral lessons from them.

The activities provided at the end of each story will enable students have a better understanding of what they have read.

These moral lessons learnt will in turn build the attitude of our students, they will learn from these stories to go to school, work hard, study, be resourceful and become better individuals in the society.
This book teaches morals and good ethics such as children should obey their parents and teachers, they should not bully their classmates, they should not be wicked and they should not plan evil for others.
Other moral lessons are to be learnt from the seven stories that make up this book.

This book will therefore make a fine addition to the collection of other books to be read and enjoyed by students in several schools of learning.


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